This service is designed to lend you a helping hand if you're feeling stuck or confused and need a second opinion to be able to move forward with your home project.


A welcome pack will be sent over e-mail for you to complete and return before our scheduled appointment.

This will help me to know you and your lifestyle in a better way to understand your vision for the space. We will talk about any specific design problems and figure out options and provide solutions that will help you create a space that you have been aiming for.


Our discussion will be followed up by an email stating the agreed options and solutions for you to refer back, so as to achieve the look that you have been aspiring for.

Priced at £175 

This service includes-

  • Welcome Questionnaire

  • 90-minutes on-site or Zoom /Facetime video consultation

  • Follow up email summarising our discussion and agreed solution with regards to the design