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How to make a first impression with your hallway

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Shouldn’t the first impression be the best impression?

Not always, but definitely true when it comes to an entrance hallway.

It is one of the most often forgotten spaces but in my opinion, no other space in a home deserves an applause as much as a Hallway does.

So here are some of my favourite ways to make the most of your space and love your hallway.

A sideboard or a narrow console table is an extremely functional piece of furniture to be placed in a hallway to give a ‘home’ to everything that you need whilst leaving or entering your home.

It can be used as a storage unit, a drop off station for keys, letters and other knick knacks that are easy to find when stepping out of the home.

Lighting is an essential element in designing any space. It can be in the form of ambience lighting, task lighting or accent lighting.

A ceiling light or a pendant light can brighten up a hallway and provide the much needed light whereas a lamp placed on a sideboard will create a moody vibe and make your home feel warm and welcoming.

Accent lights can be used to focus light on a particular art or object to enhance its beauty and craftsmanship. Wall sconces, picture lights, niche lighting and chandeliers with a dimmer can make a huge difference in creating a stunning entrance,.

Can we ever go wrong with mirrors when it comes to breaking up wall space?

Mirrors can give the same effect as a window by reflecting the opposite space, be it lush outdoor or rustic wilderness. A relatively small space such as a hallway can be transformed drastically by incorporating mirrors whether that be on the wall or using a full length floor standing mirror making it feel light and airy.

A statement floor can create a striking focal point in a hallway. It can be the main feature in a space adding the 'wow' factor that can completely transform the space.

Last but not the least, my absolute favourite for any part of the house- Plants ! Nature and greenery uplifts a space to a higher level, bringing in calming vibes and once again a feeling of being 'Home️'.

Designing a hallway can be challenging at times, however with some clever storage solutions along with a few stylish elements added to the space, you can hear everyone calling it one of the best spaces in the house.

After all, sometimes the first impression is the best impression!

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