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Top Tips for Kitchen Organisation

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

I know I have been MIA but there’s a reason and for that matter, a very genuine one: Full home ORGANISATION!

If I had to choose a favourite chore of mine, it’d definitely be getting everything organised and giving everything a home. The feeling this imparts to me is Priceless!

The most important step of organising any part of your home is de-cluttering.

In the words of Marie Condo, ask yourself if a piece of item that you own “sparks joy”- if it does, keep it and if it doesn’t say thank you and let it go with gratitude.

Get rid of the items that no longer serve a purpose, are in duplicates, worn down or don’t do anything to bring a smile to your face.

The kitchen is the heart of a home and it’s the first place to get cluttered and go beyond control if left unattended. Everyone in the family loves leaving their possessions on the kitchen countertop with the idea of it being the most convenient place. That can be a bit difficult for those who are constantly trying to get the home looking well-presented and in order.

I have a few tips for you to combat the obstacle of getting everyone to do their bit to keep the kitchen nice and tidy.


To keep countertops free from clutter, have an allocated space to put all the letters, posts, stationary, cook books and magazines etc. A good way to give a home to these items is through baskets and trays made from natural material that can be used anywhere in the house when not being used in the kitchen.

Make sure the paperwork is sorted every week and filed so that it doesn’t pile up and overflow.


Another great way to know where to find your items is creating zones. A drawer for pots and pans, a specific cupboard to place storage boxes, a dedicated space for dinnerware, bowls, glasses and a divided drawer for cutlery. You can also have a coffee station in a corner if you’re lucky enough to have space. The beautiful coffee mugs and other accessories could be displayed, there, making it one of the features in the kitchen.


Ingredients may look similar although the texture and taste could be completely different. A jar of white sugar and white salt may look just the same from afar, however it can cause a disaster if interchanged in a recipe. Here’s when labelling bottles and jars come in handy. They can look much more tidy as it’s easier to see what’s in the jar and how much. It is a great help when it’s time to check the kitchen stock inventory.


Open shelves have been on trend and the kitchen is no stranger to it. They can be used in a kitchen generally to use the vertical dead space in a corner. Everyday items can be placed on shelves and some other décor items too, to make it look functional and aesthetic at the same time.

The cost of installing open shelves comes at a fraction of a price, however gives an additional storage solution that all of us crave for. After all, there can never be too much storage.

I hope these small tips will help you feel calmer and more joyful when you walk into the most important room in the house so that you can make memorable moments of laughter and happiness.

For me, it’s a ritual to get everything sorted and organised at the end of the day which makes it a refreshing morning to walk into- a space that’s warm and inviting. It’s the most important part of my day to start fresh with a view of my well- arranged kitchen and it can give you the same feeling, give it a go!

A well-organised day, takes the stress away!

If you’d like to discuss your organisational dilemmas and get help sorting, email me at or message me through my contact page. I’d love to hear from you!

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