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Want to create a warm & welcoming guest room? Here's how...

Are you ready to welcome your guests in the post-COVID era?

We are all social animals who enjoy cheerful vibes, resounding laughter and a rise in happy hormone levels when surrounded by the people we love to spend time with. The excitement is all the more pressing when we have someone staying over be it overnight, for the weekend or even for a few weeks.

Soon the reality kicks in- the spare bedroom needs to be sorted and completed before the guest’s arrival.

I love this feeling of being in control as it gives me a reason to declutter (yet again) and get organised even though I am usually on top of my game anyway. As the only one in the family who is not a hoarder, they are always cringing at my insistence of discarding every unnecessary item in sight.

Anyway, back to the topic of how to make a guest room welcoming and inviting.

The first and most important step is to de-clutter and get organised with storage.

Use natural and sustainable material baskets made of jute & rattan to store everyday items that you need in the room when it is not being used by guests. It’s a simple and sophisticated solution that can come at a fraction of a price.

A luxurious bedding is essential for the guests to feel at home as many of us are not at ease with a change of place especially when we are at someone else’s home. I know people who have difficulty falling asleep if it’s not their pillow to rest their head on or even a different side of their bed!

A warm and cosy bedding will take away the stress and worry of getting a good night’s rest and make them comfortable basking in the luxury of soft and sumptuous furnishings.

Another important aspect of planning a space for guests is what window treatment to use. Late nights, sometimes early hours is when everyone decides that it’s time to rest to get ready for the next day. Blackout curtains or blinds will make the room a restful sanctuary even if it’s bright outside.

A well-rested mind and body is a basic need regardless of whether it’s an everyday routine or a holiday week.

Creating mood lighting with a set of beautiful bedside lamps, wall sconces or a pendant hung from the ceiling, will elevate the vibe of the guest room.

You may decide to move from your bedroom to the guest room once they leave!

Accessories cannot be ignored when doing up any room not matter what is it being used for. A calming fragrance in the form of a diffuser, candles or even a room spray will add to the atmosphere in the space.

A beautiful piece of art, a few books/ magazines, a tall plant in a corner, a few ornamental sculptures will bring in the much needed homeliness for the guests.

There’s no better feeling in the world when you make someone feel at ease and refreshed at the end of their stay at your home. Saying goodbye is not easy but knowing that the guests will be looking forward to coming back again is a great accomplishment.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my blog with all the tips and suggestions to create a well put together space for your guests. After all a home away from home is all we need.

If you need help decorating your guest room, please get in touch by emailing or visit my contact page on

I look forward to hearing from you.

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