Personalized Flower Arrangement


They say it’s never too late to follow your passion, irrespective of the various milestones that you’ve reached in life.

I have been a passionate design enthusiast ever since my earliest memories of being a little girl who found her happiness in changing the layout of her family home, organising wardrobes, desks, shelves and giving every single possession a ‘home’ so that everything was in its right place.

As always, going with the flow of whatever life threw at her, the dream and passion for creating beautiful interiors never faded away.

After completing a post graduate degree in Business management from a reputed institute in India and working with a multinational company, I found my calling in creating beautiful spaces and interiors. I embarked on my creative journey as a professional when I studied Interior design and underwent training with the Interior Design Business School to launch my own successful interior design business.
I have been constantly learning and refreshing my knowledge by attending webinars and completing courses on Interiors, Lighting design, Kitchen design and Styling.

To keep myself updated with latest design trends and products, visiting design events and trade shows is the most awaited and an absolute favourite activity of mine which is a part of my work- but doesn’t feel it!

I can’t wait to transform your home into a sanctuary that speaks to you and makes you want to come back to enjoy every moment, whilst making beautiful memories.