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Bespoke storage solutions – to build or not to build?

Do you feel that there is never enough storage no matter the size of your home?

I certainly feel that way even though I regularly purge unwanted, uninspiring and unnecessary items in my own home.

Having moved home repeatedly during different phases of my life, I have always worked to achieve a space that looks tidy, organised and aesthetically pleasing.

There are a number of solutions to keep all your home essentials in a designated place; for example, freestanding wardrobes & cupboards, sideboards, storage baskets, shelves etc.

However, with the help of an expert you can explore some fabulous bespoke storage solution ideas that will enable you to utilise your space more effectively and in a functional manner, simultaneously adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your space.

Here are some of the areas in your home wherein a bespoke storage solution can make your home look organised and functional.


This is a space in your home that makes the first impression for your visitors. Read my blog post if you would like some ideas on how to go about making the first impression with your hallway.

It is also one of the spaces that is hard to keep tidy at all times when we are constantly on the go. The clutter it could invite in the form of shoes, umbrellas, jackets, letters & post, keys and other paraphernalia can be avoided by having a wall cupboard with enough space to store away all these items- and can give you some extra space for your guests when needed.

Living room

We all have our own favourite things lying around in every corner of the living room, the TV remote, gaming consoles, books, magazines, board games, throws & blankets, the kids’ Lego blocks, other small toys, knick knacks, and of course the huge telly in the middle taking away all the attention!

A great solution to tackle all these obstacles in a room that is supposed to provide a calm atmosphere is having a bespoke TV unit, framing the entire empty wall, making it the focal point and giving the space an elegant and attractive look. There can be a combination of wall hung open shelving and floor-to-ceiling cupboards and units for a complete storage solution.

Space under the stairs

A number of creative ideas can be incorporated to make this space work in an effective way giving you that extra room and storage.

An under the stair cloak room is a common way to maximise the space available, however just a desk and a chair with some shelving can give you a much needed workspace or a craft corner for the kids. Another solution is a number of push opening doors that cover the space for storing items such as outdoor gear, everyday essentials like candles, cleaning stuff, toys and things like picnic blankets, masks, gloves, wipes, sanitiser etc. that are usually hunted for when leaving home.

A small gap at the end of the wall

You have moved into your new home, carefully bought all the white goods and equipment that are needed on an everyday basis, however once everything has been installed, a small gap emerges which feels like an eye sore and you don't really know what to do with that gap. This is where a bespoke storage solution comes to the rescue. A small narrow unit can be built around the space available giving you extra storage and utilising the gap that was left open, in the most efficient way.

Creating built in seating space

As a first time buyer, we really didn’t have much choice when it came to choosing a house in terms of the amount of storage it would offer. Nevertheless, it was always clear in our minds that there has to be potential for us to build storage if it already didn’t exist. Luckily, the house we bought had a great built in seating area in the dining room with brilliant storage space underneath. It was home to all our vacuum sealed bags with all the out-of-season items and some other extras that really helped keep the home well organised and tidy.

A reading nook under the window in the form of a seating bench with pull out drawers as storage, can be the best thing a bespoke storage solution can provide.

Utility room

Last but definitely not least, it’s always the utility that has to face the brunt of extra cans of baked beans, packs of juices, bags of dried pasta, noodles and spaghetti, cereal boxes and numerous other grocery items. Not to forget our dear washing machine, dryer, ironing board, vacuum cleaner etc. A well thought storage solution can hide away the big items in a row of floor-to-ceiling cabinets as well as provide space for food items.

Moreover, a narrow slot for an ironing board with a rack for drying clothes and hooks for hanging up the washing always comes handy.

It can be a bit overwhelming to make decisions when it comes to organising your home, however it's not impossible to find a solution to our ever changing storage needs.

I hope this post has given you some tips on how to make a bespoke storage solution work for you and your family in the best possible manner.

Feel free to drop me an email at if you would like to discuss your organisational dilemmas and I’d be happy to help.

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Have a lovely day!

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